Which watch to choose?

Nice and sparkling watch on the wrist might be crucial for winning a battle in the war for better mates. To attract a 90-60-90 girl a cool watch might help.

The Richard Mille 69 is a bit ugly, rude and insanely expensive skyrocketing price tag of 0.75 million dollars.

There is a male who has it. After working on several jobs simultaneously he earned some money to buy it. Check out the video below:

Richard Mille 69 Tourbillon Erotic, 750.000$

You might find it insane to invest such money into this kind of masterpiece. So there is an alternative to Richard Mille’s 69 watches.

OLMECA 0905M, 30$

Put on some rude stickers and vo la you’re done. Before investing 30 dollars make sure that your lady recognises Richard Mille watches or follow the outfit stories of musician Drake to notice that you have a similar watch to RM brand.

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If you are not sure of your women watch’s brands literacy, go for Rolex. It has 100% recognition almost everywhere on this planet. Rolex also would be 10 to 50 times cheaper than a Richard Mille watch.

Rolex New Sky-Dweller Everose, 60 000$


If you find watches above to expensive  – the Timex Marathon under 15$ might be a good choice for time observation purposes.

Timex Marathon Digital Dial Silicone Strap Men’s Watch 15$

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Now what I have here is a 2006 limited edition Timex watch valued at 23,000,000 peso’s or $15, the designer was attempting to create a watch that you could not only wear on your wrist but also tell time by simply looking at it. Powered by cutting edge c323 engerizeer (energizer) battery this watch featured hard to find technology like a low-level beeping alarm, and the option to randomly change PM setting to military time. Also noteworthy is the incredibly complex design of the advance button system that not only set the time but also generates a little tiny green light to see in the dark. Obviously, this ageless creation was limited to only 17,327,593 for the U.S. so to find it would truly be a remarkable find. Timex watch review by William Handy