Natural methods to control blood sugar close to lower norm

Going to live without grains in the diet makes you disease-free and saves money on medication.

The problem that occurs is the lack of energy. You become slow, week and stupid compared to grain-eaters.

In order to manage energy problems, you have to boost the number of mitochondria in your body’s cells.

There are three catabolic ways to force cells to create more mitochondria:

  • Fasting.
    • 12 to 16 hours of intermittent fasting.
  • Cold shower, winter swimming.
  • Full body workout. (stretching, weight lifting, running, swimming etc.).
    • 12 minutes light intense, 3 minutes hard intense. HIIT throughout the whole day.

After the catabolic approach should follow an anabolic activity:

  • Eat grass-fed meat, greens and low glucose fruits. (Fat is what You already have.)
  • Get warm and socially friendly environment.
  • Sleep, rest, get sunshine.

Without these anabolic activities, fasting, workout and cold exposure alone would lead You to exhaustion and will make you even slower, weaker and stupid.