Law of social survival: the order of doing things is very important

1. The villain first, then the gentleman.

An old saying: Ugliness comes to the fore.

To be a human being, first, talk about the gains and losses first, and then talk about friendship.

Especially before cooperating with people, it involves money and other interest issues, you must first be a villain and then a gentleman, and explain the distribution of benefits first.

May wish to conclude a written agreement.

If the other party is a gentleman, this does not increase his responsibility;

If the other party is a villain, he will avoid the risks first, lest he is fooled.

2. Make “bad” first, then make “good”.

When a person obtains and loses something of the same value, the pain of loss is ten times or even dozens of times stronger than the happiness of being obtained.

The boss made a confusion at the end of the year: “This year’s benefits are not good, and the red envelopes will not be issued much.” He was worried because of fear of affecting morale.

A friend quietly gave him an idea.

So, he spread the news in the company through finance: “This year’s benefits are not good, cancel the year-end award.”

As soon as the news came out, the whole company was sad.

On the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, when the company had a group dinner, the boss suddenly released good news during the meal:

“Despite the poor results this year, considering the hard work of everyone, the company decided to send two thousand red envelopes each.”

At the scene, there was immediate applause. The two thousand yuan red envelope has won the hearts of the people.

A love veteran asked the girl to meet in a special way:

First put forward suggestions that she can’t accept, then put forward suggestions that she can accept, the success rate is quite high.

The average person said: Girl, invite you to dinner on Saturday night. The other party said something wrong, sorry, refused.

For the veteran, let ’s start by saying: Girl, let ’s go to Thailand to play together on Sunday. I invite you. Girl: Ah? Work again on Monday! The veteran said: That’s not going, please have dinner on Saturday. The girl said: OK.

3. Seek common ground first, then seek differences.

Many people live in their own world, and when communicating with others, they must first melt that layer of ice.

“Heart” first agreed, and “reason” only went in.

Seek common ground first, then seek differences, and communicate effectively without quarrelling.

4. Complete first, then perfect.

When implementing things, customer service perfectionism first.

Fear of being poorly done will be criticized by others, and you will not be willing to start or delay in doing things.

First, come out the preliminary results, and then go to perfect; step by step, the first complete, report first, then go to perfect, then more reliable.

5. Communicate first, then make love.

There are boundaries between people, and there are also dimensions and scales.

In interpersonal communication, one should avoid talking with others and the other should avoid preconceptions and subjective impressions.

Therefore, when you are not close to others and the relationship is not harmonious, do n’t express your thoughts at once. You can first understand each other through daily communication and see if the other person ’s ideas are consistent with your own. Propose ideas sexually.

6. Stand first, then stand high

How can people “get up” as soon as possible without a platform?

How can an ordinary person make himself as fast as possible?

Standing first and then standing high is the correct order and strategy.

When you start to do it, you will defeat 50% of the people who wait and see; when you stand firm again, you will defeat 70% of the people; then you will gradually go higher.