How is the new coronavirus infection transmitted?

At present, there are two possibilities: droplet infection (Hitotsukansen) and contact infection.
(1) Droplet infection The virus is released together with the droplets (sneezing, coughing, brim, etc.) of the infected person and another person inhales the virus through the mouth or nose to become infected.
* Scenes to be aware of infection: When spending a certain amount of time indoors, etc. when the distance between each other cannot be secured sufficiently
(2) Contact infection After the infected person holds his / her sneezing and coughing, he/she turns around by himself/herself. If you touch the item, the virus of the infected person will be attached. When an uninfected person comes into contact with the part, the infected person’s virus attaches to the uninfected person’s hand and becomes infected without directly contacting the infected person.
* Examples of infected areas: straps for trains and buses, doorknobs, handrails for escalators, switches, etc.