Basic Business Manners: Grooming and Greetings

Business basics for newcomers

1. See who’s good manners

In basic business training, you will learn proper grooming, greetings, and appropriate language as a member of society. By considering who is “fit”, the actions required as a member of society will be accompanied. This “opposite point of view” is the most basic and most important way of thinking in business.
First of all, think about “befitting appearances” that are visually easy to understand, and check each other’s appearances in pairs. It is a work that allows you to check whether your own criteria match the criteria of the other person and work where you can feel the “suitability” of the other person’s eyes.

2. The keywords of “dressing” are “cleanliness”, “moderate”, and “common sense”

Being clean is different from making others feel “clean.” No matter how clean the hair is shampooed, if it is unclean, it will cause discomfort to the other person. Similarly, there are many things to look out for, such as wrinkled shirts, slacks with folds, and overfilled suit pockets. Also, for understatement, be careful with brand logos that are too large, hairdressing agents that are too tight, and perfumes.
The text also explains Cool Biz with illustrations. Even with Cool Biz, the three points of “cleanliness,” “modest,” and “common sense” do not change. Be careful of exposing the skin around your neck and feet.

3. Greetings are the basics of working people

Courtesy is essential for good relationships. In particular, greetings are an indispensable courtesy at work.
Just knowing the importance of greetings doesn’t mean you’re done. Make sure to check not only words but also facial expressions for a pleasant greeting.