How to live successful and disease free life?

Hi! I am Atis Luguzs, the founder of  I lost the ability to fall asleep naturally in 2013. It took 7 years of biological and medical research to recover. Here in, I’d like to share with You my findings leading to good sleep, bulletproof health and success in life.


  • FAST for 12 to 16 hours a day.
  • Do full-body WORKOUT (stretch, lift weights, run, swim etc.).
    • Workout before You eat.
  • Get enough exposure to PATHOGENS.
    • Swim in a lake or river.
    • Eat berries right in the forest.
    • Get skin contact with dirt.
  • Expose the body to COLD. Do this before the meal. Don’t do this if feeling exhausted.
    • Swim outside in the winter.
    • Take an Ice bath.
    • Take a cold shower.
  • Get enough SLEEP.
    • 7+ hours at night.
    • 1+ hour after a meal nap.
    • Plan your day to avoid work 20 hours in a row.
    • Restore natural vitamin D.
  • Follow DIET rules
    • Meal order from morning to evening: Fruits – Vegetables – Meat – Fat.
    • Don’t eat anything of grains*, lentils or beans and their products like bread, pasta, pica, beer etc.

* Grains contain a too high concentration of carbohydrates in combination with a relatively high amount of protein. Due to intense selection, a part of these proteins is natural pesticides to protect grains from pests and diseases. It kills microorganisms and causes to malfunction bigger ones, including humans. Also, harmful chemicals widely used in agriculture have left their footprint in the grains. Altogether: 1) too concentrated carbohydrates; 2) mix of carbs and protein; 3) the presence of harmful chemicals; makes grains incompatible with this Health protocol as it makes blood sugar control on lower limits almost impossible.

    • Don’t mix high carbohydrates and protein. Eat fruits and starchy vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots) in separate meals or even days from meat and eggs.
    • Glucose causes high insulin level. Insulin causes fat store and blocks fat use in energy production. So to keep the lean shape eat carbohydrates and fat separately.
    • Feel free of eating fat. Except for transfats and vegetable oils with a high content of Omega 6 fatty acids. This is important to get sunshine without the risk of skin cancer.
    • Eat high-fibre vegetables like broccoli, celery, onions, cabbage. This will keep the right bacteria in the stomach.
  • Don’t use any MEDICATION without absolute necessity. Medication and other foreign chemical substances might interfere with glucose absorption in the cells.

Social Appearance

  • Grooming
  • Fashion style
  • Diction, Speech
  • Home environment
  • Point of expression (painting, peat sculptures, aquarium, birds)


  • Physical contact (trust-building), get accepted. Reducing social stress.
  • Experience and  Initiatives of Person met. (Listening and understanding of the person)
  • Material base nad marketplace the person met represents.
  • Possible Business events on this base.


  • Choose a location, Marketplace
  • Plan events
  • Hold events
  • Get attention
  • Sell a product

Combine the methods to reach your goal of:

  • Cancer cure
  • Physical performance
  • Cure of Bipolar disorder
  • Weight loss
  • Become disease-free

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