20 social survival rules

1. Learn the skills well, and learn the skill of being a good person, if you have a gun in hand, you are not afraid of anything!

  2. Learn to adapt to the environment, you can’t change, and you don’t have the skill to subvert the rules of the world!

  3. Without fought unprepared battles, life can not be tossed.

  4. Be a low-key person and a high -key person. You are not a saint. You will say the wrong thing and you will do the wrong thing.

  5. Do not rely on the force if you can solve it with wisdom.

  6. The society will always be full of variables, live in peace, and have a sense of crisis.

  7. Don’t be impulsive, choices made under any impulse are often extremely stupid.

  8. Learn to make small money first, don’t think of eating fat as a bite.

  9, do not let a failure to completely destroy your self-confidence heart, you know forever is not the blow.

  10. Open the road every time the mountain crosses the bridge when seeing water.

  11. Don’t say too absolute words, say too much death, leave yourself a line of livelihood, a retreat.

  12. Don’t skimp on the language you praise, the world loves to listen to good words.

  13. Don’t block other people’s way of wealth.

  14. Don’t offend the villain, remember, never.

  15. Endure for a while, calm and calm, take a step back to the sea and the sky.

  16. Respect others and start with punctuality.

  17. Don’t inquire into the privacy of others, knowing too much is not good for you.

  18. Remember to eat meat first, but not even soup.

  19. Being confused is also a kind of wisdom.

  20. There is no free lunch in the world. Never take shortcuts!